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Cambridge Sensotec Fixed Gas Detector Installation Service

Cambridge Sensotec are pleased to partner with Phoenix Alarms & Safety Services Ltd, enabling us to offer our customers a comprehensive fixed gas detection installation and commissioning service.

This latest service includes national coverage, consultation, maintenance and calibration schedules designed specifically around customers' applications and environments.

Ranges include Safe area only fixed gas detection equipment, all the way to Atex Zone Zero equipment. Our fixed detection systems can include; battery backup options, data logging software and sounders/beacons to ensure that alarms are heard. A variety of sensor technologies are utilised including; Infra Red, Electrochemical, Pellistor and Semiconductor. This enables us to find solutions to even the most challenging of gas detection applications.

2000th Rapidox Analyser Manufactured this month

Cambridge Sensotec are proud to announce the manufacture of their 2000th Rapidox gas analyser this month!

Since being founded in the year 2000, the company has gone from strength to strength. Our Rapidox brand has grown continually with the company and now includes a wide variety of specialised single and multiple gas analysers that utilise an array of sensor technologies to match the application. Over the past decade the company has also gained ISO9001 accreditation, and has built a network of distributors across the globe.

As the demand for quality control within industry increases, and with ever more stringent environmental monitoring, Cambridge Sensotec have reacted to market forces by designing and manufacturing high precision gas analysis instruments. The Rapidox brand now includes an extensive range of static and portable gas analysers for various industrial, environmental and research & development applications.

Pricing News

In response to changing global market conditions Cambridge Sensotec and its distributed product manufacturers will be increasing the prices of a number of product lines, effective from the 1st of January 2014. Cambridge Sensotec and its distributors are making every effort to minimise the impact of these changes for their customers. Further details will be forwarded in the coming month.

Cambridge Sensotec Limited is an ISO9001 accredited Company based in the UK. Cambridge Sensotec manufactures the Rapidox range of oxygen gas analysers for industry and academic institutions, with customers worldwide. Cambridge Sensotec comprises a team of technologists with over twenty years experience in the field of oxygen sensors and electronics.

Cambridge Sensotec Rapidox oxygen gas analysers benefit from their ease of use, electrochemical or zirconia O2 sensors, high sensitivity (low oxygen levels), rugged design and long life expectancy. Cambridge Sensotec also manufacture a range of dual and triple gas analysers including a specialist SF6 gas analyser for the power industry.

Cambridge Sensotec are also UK distributors for many fixed and portable gas detectors including BW technologies, Industrial Scientific, Oldham, WITT and Viamed.

For more information, please contact :-

Cambridge Sensotec Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)1480 462142
Fax:+44(0)1480 466032

November 2013

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