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Rapidox 7100 Rack Mounted Multigas Analyser

Cambridge Sensotec launch its new generation of Rapidox Multigas analysers

The Rapidox 7100 Multigas Analyser is an all new high specification instrument designed and manufactured by Cambridge Sensotec for the analysis, control and monitoring of emission or process gas. This is the first 19" rack mountable gas analyser to be developed by the company, with features including touchscreen control and fully configurable gas sensors.

Developed in reaction to customer demand for a modular gas analysis instrument, the Rapidox 7100 Multigas Analyser is capable of measuring a wide range of gases. Applications for this instrument span across a varied selection of industries including; emissions monitoring, water treatment processes, medical research, environmental monitoring, R&D, semiconductor manufacturing, metal heat treatment and gas handling and production.

Up to six gases can be analysed by the Rapidox 7100 through the incorporation of a range of gas sensor technologies such as; infra-red, long-life electrochemical, thermal conductivity and ceramic tile. The sensors are specifically designed and calibrated to avoid any cross interference effects with background process gases where possible, whilst safety is ensured by the inclusion of flash back arrestors where required.

Standard features include; a 7" full colour touch screen interface with soft menu keys that allows for easy operation in either permanent monitoring or sampling modes, two fully programmable alarm circuits, programmable analogue outputs, RS232 / RS485 communications and complete data-logging software. All data is continuously logged for review and inspection and MS Excel compatible data can be downloaded via a USB memory stick.

Exhibition News
December brings with it a busy time for Cambridge Sensotec, the company is preparing to support the showcasing of its products at two global trade exhibitions.

Firstly the Dynascan MediTEST MO12P-1 (link) will be exhibited, courtesy of Electrolab (link - ), at the P-MEC India show (link - from the 2-4th December. A premium event in the international pharmaceutical industry, P-MEC India is the largest and most comprehensive pharmaceutical industry event in South Asia.

Cambridge Sensotecs Egyptian distributor Egyptian Technology Systems (link - will then be presenting the brand new Rapidox SF6 6100 range of analysers ( at the Electricx Exhibition, booth 2K1a, from 4-7th December. The show will be a platform for the latest technologies in power, energy, security and developments in automation and smartgrid.

About Cambridge Sensotec
Cambridge Sensotec Limited is an ISO9001 accredited Company based in the UK. Cambridge Sensotec Ltd manufacture a comprehensive range of on-line, portable and bench mounted gas analysers including zirconia and electrochemical oxygen sensors, dual-gas analysers such as CO2, CO and H2O. The company also produce a range of multiple gas analyser for SF6, SO2, H2, CH4 and many others. Our precision instruments are designed for industrial process and quality control applications as well as R&D experiments and environmental monitoring.

Cambridge Sensotec are also UK distributors for many fixed and portable gas detectors including BW technologies, Industrial Scientific, Oldham, WITT and Viamed.'

For more information, please contact :-

Cambridge Sensotec Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)1480 462142
Fax:+44(0)1480 466032

November 2014

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