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Capacitec non contact capacitive sensors.

Aerospace is a major market for Capacitec's non-contact displacement, gap and hole mapping sensors and systems. Our customers build/rebuild commercial and military aircraft and engines.

For 25+ years we have worked closely with manufacturing and quality engineers as well as R&D to enhance their product designs and production and quality control methods.

Often we have replaced mechanical measurement tools such as feeler gauges and go/no gauges with electronic alternatives.

For example:
The Gapman "electronic feeler gage" provides a high accuracy non-contact equivalent with a built-in data logger, the only way to comply with SPC/Six Sigma product improvements.

The CMS/CHP capacitive hole probe offer a 48 sensor complete hole mapping sensor in a portable system.

For more information, please contact :-

UK contact: Tel: +44(0)1527 854103

January 2008

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