Hygrostick compatible wireless sensors – a new industry standard?

These exciting new wireless sensors, added to the RDL//1000 range, can simultaneously monitor two Hygrosticks as well as all the normal RDL//1000 readings, and you get the Hygrostick data on-line via the CDL SmartHub.

The new wireless hygrostick sensor gives users all the same benefits of the RDL//1000 system, such as dashboards, trending, dynamic charting, data & graphics downloads, SMS and email alerts, etc., and all this on every parameter monitored.

The development of the Hygrostick compatible sensor is the result of collaboration between CDL and initially GE, and latterly Amphenol, who bought the Advanced Sensors business from GE.

Firmware to interpret the Hygrostick data on board the RDL//1000 system was developed.

Verification was conducted at Warwick University with whom CDL have a long association.

The Hygrostick Sensor readings can be transmitted up to 500m to the RDL//1000 base station. And over 100 wireless sensors can report to a single base station. The base station then sends the data back to the CDL SmartHub at a frequency you determine via the SmartHub.

The new sensors of course have all the usual functionality:
• ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity,
• flying lead 5mm probe interface with Temperature & Relative Humidity,
• two high resistance probes for WME, such as the HygroBug.
• receive and transmit capability for updated configuration settings, and quick start
• battery and signal quality data
• force report button

So in one wireless sensor you have all the monitoring capability you need.

These new Hygrostick compatible sensors also have all the easy use features we have developed over thousands of systems to make installation, commissioning and maintenance as quick and easy as possible.

The Hygrostick wireless sensor – an industry standard
The Hygrostick is the sensor of choice in many industries globally, because of its unique abilities in difficult circumstances like concrete flooring to monitor RH accurately and consistently. Many CDL customers have expressed a desire to integrate this into their on-line monitoring capability. We think its a really significant development that will have great benefiits for many of our customers and is destined to become the industry standard for wireless Temperature and Humidity sensors.

The RDL//1000 system has versions that are CE and FCC approved for use in European countries and in the USA.

February 2017

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