New MS7000 MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers. Colibrys announces the availability of their new MS7000 MEMS capacitive accelerometer. Customers with Guidance and Inertial Navigation applications that critically rely on bias stability under extreme operational conditions can find today the accelerometer they have been looking for. This product has been designed mainly for Guidance and Navigation applications but the benefits of bulk capacitive micro-machined technology make it also ideal for a wide range of other industrial applications. For Defense and Aerospace markets, where high stability, high-g range, low noise, low temperature drift and high shock tolerance are important, the MS1000 is considered as a best in class, combining low cost with high performance. Transportation users as well as Instrumentation applications mainly require low temperature drift, high shock resistance features, and low power consumption. Finally Tilt and Drilling applications will mainly consider the operating temperature range and the compatibility to harsh environment as the major advantage. The Colibrys MS7000 is the latest product from the already highly successful MS6000 family. It is composed of three components mounted on a hybrid subrate and packaged in a standard 108 housing. The main component is the in house manufactured bulk micro-machined capacitive sensor mechanism. The low power signal conditioning IC translates the sensor capacitance variation into an analog output voltage. Finally, during the pre-calibration of each individual product, calibration data is stored in the microcontroller. The major advantages of the products are: * Typical bias long-term stability less than 0.1% of full-scale g-range * Bias temperature coefficient typically below 200 mg/°C * Scale factor temperature coefficient less than 200 ppml°C The MS7000 is low power with a typical operating current consumption of less than 200mA @ 3VDC. It has been demonstrated to survive shock levels of 6000g. The robust design and rigorous quality assurance guarantee the superior reliability of the MS7000 MEMS accelerometer. Beside a range of standard products (±2g - MS7002 and ±10g -MS7010), available through our exclusive distributors, Colibrys has the experience and flexibility to offer a wide range of custom products upon request. Customized variables include the packaging, the performances as well as the full scale g-range of the products, which can varyfrom ± 1g to± 100g. _________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Colibrys Maladiere 83, CH-2007 Neuchatel, Switzerland Tel: +41 32 720 5811 April 2003
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