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COTO Reed Switch

The Comus Group now offers COTO reed switches especially fit for night vision technology. Superior quality is expected with the COTO reed switch being the only true ATE grade quality switch. We recognize the severity of the application and encourage you to trust in our company to be a reliable switching source.

Our reed switches are also available in sizes ranging from 14 - 5 mm (glass body). Also SMD type for quick'n'easy mass production. The smaller, the better to reduce size and weight.

Reed switches are best for the job because it's hermetic seal makes it resistant to outside ambient environmental conditions, where the goggles will be exposed to. With a reed switch using a magnet to open and/or close it's contacts, it consumes zero amount of power.

The Reed switches are applied to many applications including:
• Electronics such as GPS tracking devices, fax and copy machines.
• Everyday products like tooth brushes, coffee machines, and air conditioners.
• Shock, coolant, and level sensing in automotive parts.
• In the construction of elevators and lifts to detect the floor level.
• Medical equipment and implantable devices like pacemakers, hearing aids,
adjustable beds, etc.

Night vision technology is literally giving humans the power to see in a pitch black environment without being seen with a flip of a switch or turn of a knob. This Reed switch is being used in the night vision goggle frame. A magnet is implanted into the helmet and the reed switch onto the frame. When the goggles are adjusted and the knob is turned, the reed switch comes in contact with the magnet's field closing the circuit and releasing infra-red light.


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February 2014

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