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LED Van Lighting


1. If using more than one light plan the layo that gives the best light distribution.

2. Remove any dust or grease from the area where the lights will be fitted using the
alcohol wipe.

3. Peel off the backing tape from the adhesive strip and place the light in position pressing firmly along the length.

4. Remove the interior light cover and festo, bulb. Insert the festoon power connector in the lamp holder and check the lights operat If the lights do not work reverse the festoon power connector and refit light cover.

5. If there is no courtesy light available the festoon power connector can be cut off, the power source will need to be taken from another source.

6. To add additional lights simply repeat steps 2 & 3 and link the power connector from the new light into the existing light.

Have you seen our innovative new products for vans and tail lifts?

Fully sealed self power powered tail lift warning lights that come on automatically
when the lift or ramp is lowered. Annodised Aluminium operating switch that is only 8.7mm deep and totally waterproof.


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February 2014

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