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BFH Series Relay from the Comus Group of Companies

Comus International is proud to introduce the BFH series of high reliability instrumentation grade multi-pole reed relays. The 2 Form A, 3 Form A and 2 Form C configurations are ideal for use in new high contact density load board designs used in automatic test equipment.

The new BFH series takes practical advantage of Comus’ vertical manufacturing capabilities. Our Comus Technology BV sputtered ruthenium reed switches are used exclusively and allow for the quicker lead times, superior quality, stable contact resistance and the very best in reed relay performance.

The BFH series are RoHs Compliant built with industry standard footprints and 5 and 12 VDC coil specifications for drop-in replacement when refurbishing and servicing ATE load boards. Custom coil and pin-outs are also available.

The BFH Series have a standard lead time of 6 to 8 weeks. Attractive quantity discounts ( - please enquire...


* 2 Form A, 3 Form A, and 2 Form C configurations

* Industry Standard Footprints

* RoHs Compliant

* High insulation resistance 10^12 O minimum (Form A) & 10^9 O minimum (Form C)

* Metal Cover (reduces magnetic interaction)

* Custom Design Available

Interface Boards or DUT load boards for LSI, VLSI, Memory & Analog/Mixed signal ATE Test Systems require consistent and repeatable test results. Load boards for expensive ATE testers are constantly being pushed to new limits and with this need for new and innovative reed relays. The requirements of RF, stable contact resistance, faster testing and keeping test costs down are an absolute must.


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For more information, please contact :-

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February 2017

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