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GC Reed Switches from the Comus Group of Companies

The Comus Group is proud to offer one of the world’s most diverse reed switch menu from its division Switching Technologies Gunther; located in Chennai India.

The STG reed switch line adds 20 different general purpose reed switches to the Comus product menu with glass size from 11 mm to 52 mm and power rating of 5VA to 120VA. The STG reed family offers switching voltages from 100VAC to 1500VAC with carry currents up to 5 Amps for a solution to everyone’s application and switching needs.

Comus STG reeds are Rhodium plated contacts for long life and stable contact resistance and superior gold tinned leads which far exceed traditional tin plating for ease of soldering.

Comus STG reeds are UL rated and CSA a pproved. UL file # E103299 and CSA # LR57810.

Everybody notices petroleum and chemical tank farms in our landscapes, oil and chemical tankers traveling the globe and tanker trucks on the highway every day.

STG reed switches are ideal for liquid level storage solutions using a reed switch ladder design. Reed switch ladder sensors offer accurate volume measurements of the fluids inside storage tanks. Reed switches offer stable contact resistance for critical signals in the level sensing system.

STG reed switches are available in through-hole and SMD lead forms as well as overmolded in plastic for more rugged applications.


Housed SMD Reed Switches

Patio Heater Tip Switch

Electronic Inclination Sensor

Wind Turbine Multi-Detection Sensor

Mini Reed Relays

SMD Reed Relays

RI-69 Reed Switches

BFM Series Relay

Micro Mini SIP Relay

GC Reed Switches

1339 & BF/BFS Reed Relays

RI-91 Reed Switches

Ultra Mini SIP Relay

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February 2017

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