Rotary sensors – miniaturization with maximum performance

The possibility of untying Gordian knots through commitment and a high level of engineering expertise is clearly demonstrated by Contelec with its miniaturized rotary sensors.

These make no concessions in terms of performance compared with their larger high-end counterparts, irrespective of whether these are wire, cermet or conductive plastic-based potentiometers or contactless and non-contacting rotary sensors. The focus on the development and production of miniaturized rotary sensors by Contelec means that there is now a complete family of angle sensors available that combine features of ultra-compact dimensions, ruggedness, precision, resolution and modularity in a single system.

The impressive offering includes miniature rotary sensors with body diameters down to as little as 9 mm, absolute and incremental versions with a measurement range of up to 360º and sensors with specific output characteristics and switching functions. In addition, there are non-contacting mini angle sensors available, in which the permanent magnets are attached by the customer to the rotating object. This dispenses with mechanical coupling between the customer’s axis and the measurement system, ensuring that no wear is caused by axially and radially acting forces. Miniature rotary sensors with up to 14-bit resolution and ingress protection class IP68 clearly demonstrate that there are hardly any limits to miniaturization.

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December 2010

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