Vert-X MH-C2 – user-programmable rotary sensors

Contelec is setting leading standards in the field of absolute-measuring magnetic rotary sensors with its new Vert-X MH-C2 technology. The angle sensors achieve linearities of up to ±0.1% and repeatability of 0.1°.

The integration of an efficient microprocessor unit gives the rotary sensors a high degree of flexibility. An example of this is the ability for users to parameterize and integrate specific output characteristics and switching functions with the aid of the “Vert-X EasyAdapt” programming unit. This simplifies storage and accelerates product development. Lower cost and faster time to market are two of the benefits accruing from this. Also worthy of mention is the easy, fast programmability on the production line, eliminating the need for time-consuming adjustment of the rotary sensor.

In addition to complete parameterization, using the “Vert-X EasyAdapt” programming unit, additional leads provide the option of adjusting the angle range, indexing points (e.g. zero point) and the direction of rotation. This enables easy adaptation of the rotary sensors to the conditions of the relevant application. All supplementary functions can be integrated in the Contelec Vert-X MH-C2 rotary sensors, which have a minimum body diameter of 22 mm, and can be equipped with an analogue or digital interface.

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December 2010

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