Setting features - on-site encoder-setting

Contelec has launched a new rotary encoder solution, which enables on-site configuration of angle sensors based on Vert-X MH-C2 technology after installation. The solution, referred to as 'setting features', makes it extremely easy to install rotary encoders. Precise setting of the zero or middle points, start and end points and the sense of rotation without the need for any set-up aids significantly simplifies installation and adjustment.

To facilitate parameterisation, the rotary encoders with integral 'setting features' have two additional digital inputs (Set 1 and Set 2), which are used to set the sense of rotation (CW, CCW), index points (zero point or middle point) or start and end points as often as needed. This process could not be easier. All that is needed for a standard set-up procedure is to connect the two input leads to ground in a specific sequence. The configured parameters are saved in non-volatile memory on the devices.

Rotary encoders with integral 'setting features' eliminate the need for mechanical adjustment of the angle sensors, permitting high-precision angle measurement in systems in which mechanical adjustment is impossible. They also maximise the accuracy of measurement in applications with wide installation tolerances. A further benefit of the new Contelec rotary encoders is that they allow easy compensation for mechanical inaccuracies on the system being measured as well as compensation for mechanical wear by 'readjustment' in the field. Another key selling point is the reduction of the required number of encoder variants, simplifying storage and reducing costs.

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December 2011

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