Vert-X 16 - a great little encoder

For medical and industrial applications, as well as in the automotive industry and energy sector, angle measurement frequently involves exacting requirements in terms of safety, confined installation space, maximum measurement accuracy and high price sensitivity.

To meet demanding applications of this kind, Contelec has launched the high-precision Vert-X 16 industrial rotary encoder. At just 16 mm diameter, the rotary encoder in an affordable plastic housing features fastening tabs reinforced by metal sleeves to ensure reliable and sturdy attachment.

With axial output leads, the rotary encoder is convincing with 12 to 14 bit resolution, ±0.3% linearity of the measuring range, programmable angles and an IP65 protection rate. Another attractive feature is the long service life, specified at over 50 million movements.

The compact Vert-X 16 angle sensor is also extremely flexible. Redundant versions are available as well as custom shaft diameters and lengths. In addition, it is optionally available with a range of interfaces, including ratiometric and PWM signal outputs. A digital SPI interface can also be integrated to provide a direct digital output of the absolute angle values in 14-bit resolution, eliminating the need for subsequent A/D signal conversion. This also ensures interference-free data transmission.

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February 2012

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