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New Ultrasonic Flow Meter from Crydom Crydom Magnetics Ltd launches a non-invasive, low-cost ultrasonic flow meter, offering significant performance and cost advantages over traditional electromechanical and electromagnetic systems. The new Flowsonic flow meter uses high frequency ultrasound to measure fluid flow rates using the "time-of-flight" principle. The benefit of ultrasound is that there are no moving parts or obstructions in the fluid flow, so they cannot clog or jam due to contaminants in the flow lines. Traditional turbine based flow meters can restrict fluid flow and do not resist solids well - causing frequent failures in some applications. Each Crydom Flowsonic flow meter is 100% wet tested and calibrated. Once installed, the flow meter automatically compensates for varying fluid temperature and viscosity, enabling accurate flow rate measurements of differing fluids passing through same flow lines. This saves capital costs in otherwise installing additional flow meters / flow lines for different fluids. Maximum fluid temperature is 85oC and accuracy is guaranteed at 3%, with repeatability better than 1%. Higher accuracy and temperature units are available. The CE marked devices use WRAS approved materials, making them ideal for the beverage and food processing industry. Applications where accurate dispensing of a range of fluids are required, such as brewing, vending and chemical dosing, benefit from this technology. Signal output options are analogue or pulse and the unit requires a 7 to 15VDC supply to operate. Thread size is 3/8ths BSP and John Guest fittings are optional. The Flowsonic flow meters are available ex stock from Crydom's UK factory. ________________________________________________________ For further information, please contact:- Crydom Magnetics Ltd.
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June 2003
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