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NEW SPECIFICATION ULTRASONIC FLOWMETERS Crydom have introduced a new specification for their Ultrasonic Flowmeters. The Flowsonic range now comprises pulsed output and analogue 4-20mA units. The pulsed output version now provides 1000 pulse per litre, with the pulse being of Open Collector (Open Drain) type. The analogue output version now has a 4-20mA output (into 100Ohms max impedance), so is suitable for connection to many process control instruments. The Flowsonic range features a clear flow path with no moving parts so it cannot clog or jam due to contaminants in the flow. In addition, the unit features automatic temperature and viscosity compensation and low pressure drop. The Flowsonic series is ideal for measuring beverage delivery, flow in heating systems and white goods. The standard measuring range for these units is 0 - 25 litres per minute, with an accuracy of better than 3% of reading (or 0.1 litres per minute), and a response time better than 0.4 seconds. ________________________________________________ For further information, please contact:- Crydom Magnetics Ltd.
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May 2005
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