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High temperature Float Switches. Crydom can now supply switches for use in temperatures up to 200ºC. Crydom have, for many years, manufactured both vertical and horizontal mounting float switches in PPS (Polyphenylene Sulphide) for use at temperatures up to 120ºC. These switches fulfil most application requirements for float switches. Crydom can now offer Horizontal float switches in 304 Stainless Steel for use at up to 180ºC and Vertical float switches in 316 Stainless Steel for use at up to 200ºC. The SSF211X050H is a horizontal internally fitted using 1/8" BSP thread and SSF212X050H a horizontal externally fitted using a ½"NPT thread while the SSF26X035 is a vertical switch internally fitted using a 3/8"BSP thread. These switches are used in oil frying systems and gearbox oil sumps. ________________________________________________ For further information, please contact:- Crydom Magnetics Ltd.
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August 2005
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