Bring your material testing machine up to date with a DOLI system.

Do you have a material testing machine that is in good mechanical order but seriously needs an update on the electronic control and data handling systems. DOLI Elektronik specialise in the design and supply of digital systems to control all makes and types of testing machines whether they are screw or hydraulic, static or dynamic.

They have over 25 year's experience in retrofits to the testing industry and their systems can be found in most industries including metal, rubber, plastics, concrete, wood, medicine, etc.

Most testing machines are structurally built to last for many decades. What does become out-of-date is the electronic control and data handling systems. DOLI will check the mechanical integrity of your machine and fit a new digital controller allowing you the flexibility to perform the very latest test routines.

In addition, data and software packages are added to allow optimum data collection and analysis offering all the advantages of modern XP-shared software, with exports to Excel and ASCII.

Why go to the large expense of buying a brand new testing machine when you can revitalise a perfectly good mechanical machine at a much lower cost.

For more information, please contact :-

Rolf Grupp
DOLI Elektronik GmbH
Fraunhoferstr. 23h, 80469 Munchen, Germany
Tel: 06130-944-250
Fax: 06130-944-251

November 2007

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