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 Displacement Transducer
 without any mechanical wear
Measuring linear displacements from 0 to l00mm FS up to 3000mm FS, the Series PC magnetostrictive transducers are sensing the position of magnetic cursors without any contact with the measuring probe. The devices come with an RS485 port with additionally up to two analog outputs at the same time: 0 to 10V or 4-20mA. They are able to detect up to two cursors (displacement) or floats (liquid level) at the same time. On-site the transducer is very easy to calibrate with two push buttons or remotely using the RS485 link by means of a free utility software on a computer. The instruments are protected to lP65 and withstand to vibrations where potentiometers and encoders do not survive. Mod. PCR is an aluminum rule that usually substitutes potentiometers and encoders on machines. Mod. PCS has a tube probe and measures liquid level with floats (even for food or pharmaceutical fluids) or inside hydraulic cylinders. Mod. PCM has a 6mm diameter miniaturized tube probe. Mod. PCP has an extractable probe from a flanged well. ______________________________________________ DS EUROPE s.r.L. Via F. Russoli, 6 20143 MILANO Italy, Tel. +39-02-8910142 Fax +39-02-89124848 September 2000
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