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     High Temperature Pressure Sensors

Danfoss launch a high temperature version of its MBS-3250
heavy-duty pressure transmitter for hydraulic applications.

Mobile applications dictate that relatively small quantities of oil be
used, so severe demands are placed on the hydraulic oil cooling
system. Operating temperatures are sometimes as high as 125°C.

The new MBS 3250 is therefore designed to complement the
MBS 3050 transmitter range by tolerating temperatures greater
than 85°C without compromising reliability, accuracy or requiring
recalibration even after prolonged usage.

This heavy-duty series is protected against moisture invasion by
the use of elastic silicone potting compounds. These provide
ingress protection up to 1P67/69K standard. The electrical connector
ends of the fully welded transmitter also incorporate a novel seal,
avoiding the need for internal gaskets and 0-rings.

Applications include earth moving machinery and mining drills,
along with agricultural and forestry machines where more stringent
requirements for electrical components are applied, particularly when
part of the braking, steering or safety systems. They can also contribute
to crane and forklift truck safety and stability.

All Danfoss pressure transmitters carry the CD mark and follow
European Union directives on electromagnetic compatibility
(EN 50081-1/2 and EN 50082-1/2).
For more information contact:-

Danfoss Ltd, Capswood, Oxford Road, Denham, Bucks. UK
Tel: +44(0) 870 241 7030  Fax: +44(0) 870 241 7035
Email: uk.controls.sales@danfoss.com
Web: www.danfoss.co.uk

August 2001
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