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New Low Pressure Transmitter New low pressure transmitter from Danfoss MBS 4510 released in 0-250 and 0-400 mbar versions Danfoss has just released a low-pressure version of the MBS 4510 pressure transmitter, developed in response to customers' demands. The MBS 4510 meets stringent hygiene requirements within the process, food and beverage industries. The new MBS 4510 products are offered in the pressure range 0-250mbar and 0-400mbar and provide a 4-20mA current ioop process signal that can be zero point and span adjusted to suit user requirements. Available with a wide range of hygienic process pressure connection which in conjunction with the transmitters' flush diaphragm design, ensures trouble free use, even when used with highly viscous media. Danfoss' extensive range of connection adapters has also been extended to include a various welding nipples and dairy and clamp connections, which together with the MBS 4510, provide a cost effective and compact solutions that meet most common industry demands. __________________________________________________ For more information contact:- Danfoss Ltd, Capswood, Oxford Road, Denham, Bucks. UK Tel: +44(0) 870 241 7030 Fax: +44(0) 870 241 7035 Email: uk.controls.sales@danfoss.com Web: www.danfoss.co.uk September 2001
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