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Dantec Dynamics at Aero Engineering '09 - Manchester.

Dantec Dynamics, a leading supplier of integrated optical measurement systems for aerospace applications, will launch its latest Shearography and Digital Image Correlation systems during this year's Aero Engineering '09 Show in Manchester.

Shearography is an optical non destructive testing technique widely used in the aerospace industry for inspecting composite materials. Benefiting from being an optical technique, Shearography can cover large areas quickly providing the user live results on the detection on delaminations, disbands, wrinkles, impact damage and much more beyond. Systems can be used as an R&D tool, for in-service inspection or as a fully automated production system. The RAF is the UK's largest user, using the Q-810 vacuum hood system for in-service inspection of the Sentry aircraft.

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is also an optical technique, measuring strain and deformation. DIC provides full field, 3D, non contact results over a flexible measuring range of mm to m on any material. It is ideal for material testing, component testing, FEA validation, high speed impacts and vibration analysis.

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September 2009

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