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Are the solutions to the energy crisis blowing in the wind…

Greater demands on efficiency of wind turbines result in continuous improvement of design, placement and performance. Given that modern wind turbines produce in excess of 6 MW, the aerodynamic loads and structural demands on the blades are increasing, being driven by the necessity for longer and lighter blades.

Consequently, there is a growing need to incorporate new composite materials, making the design, manufacture and maintenance of modern wind turbines an ever increasing challenge.

Dantec Dynamics has recently supplied state-of-the-art instrumentation for testing, inspecting and maintaining wind turbines. The main applications using Digital Image Correlation and Laser Shearography are:

* Coupon testing providing full field strain data and FEA validation.

* Blade bending tests providing full field deformation data on a large areas.

* Automated robotic inspection of blades at a production stage for defects such as wrinkles and disbonds.

* In-field blade inspection via ropes or cranes for defects such as wrinkles disbonds, delaminations, impact damage, and water ingress.

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September 2009

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