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Launch of DATAX Measurement System

Data Translation Launches DATAX™ Measurement System
A Fully Customizable Data Acquisition System with
Highly Noise Resistant Signal Conditioning and
Ready-to-Run Software

Data Translation Ltd [NASDAQ: DATX] today unveiled DATAX ™,
a total measurement system solution providing signal conditioning
and modular data acquisition capability for the PC. 

The DATAX System is contained in a rugged DATAX Box for easy
modular connectivity, with a built-in USB data acquisition function.
 DATAX comes with Scope, a ready-to-run software application
developed specifically for use with the DATAX System. 

Offering 16 slots for any combination of DAQ and PAD plug-in modules,
DATAX is a fully customisable, application-specific system. 
The different combinations make the system limitless in terms of the
applications it can perform.  With such versatility, the system lends
itself to a wide range of industries, such as automotive, industrial,
manufacturing, and research and development.

 Each plug-in module has these unique features:
1000 V rms isolation for protection against noise and harsh environments;
isolated multi-channel measurements for countless industrial applications;
and fully programmable range and filter settings. 

"DATAX can handle just about any physical or electrical phenomenon
a user needs to measure.  With this product, Data Translation expands
its market reach beyond data acquisition components to provide our
customers with powerful and complete measurement solutions,"
said Nigel Doe, UK Sales Manager for Data Translation Ltd.

The DATAX System has these key features: 
Application-specific Customisation. Users can select the individual
DAQ or PAD modules for their customised DATAX System, creating
a system that is specific for their individual application needs.
 The system offers a wide range to choose from, including voltage,
thermocouple, RTDs, strain gages, and accelerometers.

Ready-to-Run Software.  Developed specifically for the DATAX System,
Scope emulates three basic instruments: a simple oscillographic chart
recorder, a data logger, and a multi-channel oscilloscope.
The intuitive graphical user interface allows users to point and click to
perform measurement functions as well as control the programmable
modules' filter settings and gain ranges.
Scope comes free on the new Data Acquisition Omni CD™, which
contains all the software necessary to use Data Translation boards
and develop applications.
Easy Connection and Portability.  The DATAX System connects easily
to a user's PC or laptop through the USB "plug and play" connection.
Weighing only 11 pounds, the system can be easily transferred from one
work station to another.
A Rugged Case for Harsh Conditions.  The DATAX System is enclosed
in a protective metal case for optimal performance even under the harshest
industrial conditions. 

Pricing, Availability and Support
The DATAX System is available immediately at a base price beginning
at £3,695.00
Data Translation provides complete technical support for all its products.
Support is also available via Data Translation's website at

September 2000

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