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Visual Programming Interface - VEE OneLab

Data Translation's Visual Programming Interface Adds Versatility
to Agilent's VEE OneLab All-in-One Measurement & Analysis
Solution Features MATLAB® Script

Data Translation Ltd. [NASDAQ: DATX] today announced that it is
shipping Agilent Technologies' newly released VEE OneLab graphical
programming environment with Data Translation's DT VPI 6.0, a visual
programming interface for data acquisition. DT VPI connects VEE OneLab
to all Data Translation DT-Open Layers compliant data acquisition hardware.

DT VPI's intuitive pull-down menu gives users a full choice of objects for
configuring and controlling A/D, D/A, counter/timer, and digital I/O subsystems
on the hardware.

VEE OneLab is a low-cost, easy-to-learn, measurement-smart PC
graphical programming environment designed for individual engineers
and scientists. The software application is customised for the needs of
engineers and scientists who are writing simple measurement programs
to collect data from an unlimited quantity of PC-based measurement
cards and up to four instruments for design characterisation, design
verification, and data acquisition.  VEE OneLab has all the measurement
functionality that an individual engineer or scientist needs, plus world-class
analysis capability

VEE OneLab includes these powerful components:
Embedded MATLAB, Built-In Analysis.
Along with the core functionality of VEE OneLab, users also get the built-in
power of MATLAB Script and the Signal Processing Toolkit from
The MathWorks.
These capabilities are embedded in VEE OneLab at no extra charge.
Users get hundreds of functions with VEE OneLab, plus the 400 most popular
MATLAB functions pre-programmed as one-click VEE objects.

DT VPI adds over 40 programs written specifically to access Data Translation's
hardware. Extensive online help guides users through all aspects of interfacing
data acquisition board functions.

New Standards-Compatible Functions. VEE OneLab uses nearly a thousand
drivers representing the most popular instruments from 70 different vendors,
thereby giving users access to its measurement analysis environment from
multiple languages (e.g., Visual Basic® and Visual C++®) and PC applications.

New Tutorials. VEE OneLab is unparalled in its ease of use with the aid of
seven built-in multimedia tutorials for Windows® and many VEE program
examples for Microsoft® Excel, Visual Basic®, Visual C++® and MATLAB.

"From our point of view, Data Translation's VPI provides the most elegant
interface for accessing plug-in PC data acquisition hardware. Our longstanding
partnership with Data Translation is testimony to the quality of DT's products,"
said Hob Wubbena, Agilent's Software Product Marketing Manager.

VEE Pro and VEE OneLab
VEE OneLab is a streamlined version of Agilent's standard VEE Pro software.
Users who require more advanced features can easily upgrade to VEE Pro
without losing the programming investment made in VEE OneLab. 
Upgrades to VEE Pro are available from Data Translation. 

Pricing, Availability and Support
VEE OneLab is available immediately at the low price of £375.00.
VEE Pro is available for £975.000.
Data Translation provides complete technical support for all its products.

September 2000

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