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SCI-PAK for the low cost Scientific Image Analysis Market

All-in-One Software & Hardware Solution Is Inexpensive and
Easy to Use
[NASDAQ: DATX] today announced the release of SCI-PAK,
an all-in-one, flexible PC-based image analysis software and
hardware bundle specifically designed to address the needs
of the low-cost scientific and general-purpose imaging

The SCI-PAK bundle consists of two main components: GLOBAL LAB
Image/2 Streamline software and the DT3120 frame grabber.

GLI/2 Streamline provides an easy-to-use graphical point-and-click
programming environment and a comprehensive library of image analysis and
image processing tools.  The DT3120 frame grabber captures monochrome,
composite colour, and S-video signals from a variety of video sources.

"As a low-cost software package, SCI-PAK is an exceptional offer. It comes
complete with everything a user needs to set up and get started quickly.
This product is ideal for universities and labs and anyone who needs an
easy-to-use graphical programming package or a low-cost imaging solution,"
said Nigel Doe, Data Translation¹s UK Sales Manager.

The SCI-PAK bundle contains:
GLI/2 Streamline software on CD-ROM. With a library of 24 image
processing and analysis tools, GLI/2 Streamline contains most of the same
functionality, product features, and tools as Data Translation¹s standard
GLOBAL LAB Image/2.  The simple Point-and-Click Script Tool is ideally
suited for users who want to create imaging applications without having to
write programs.  A special upgrade package containing higher-level
programming tools is available to users who need added functionality at a
later date.

DT3120 Frame Grabber.  DT3120 is a single channel, full-featured frame
grabber used for acquiring standard monochrome, composite colour, and
S-video signals. The driver for the DT3120 is embedded in the GLI/2
Streamline software, making frame grabber installation as simple as plugging
in the board.

SCI-PAK comes with a user¹s manual and a video cable, allowing users to be
up and running in no time at all.

Pricing, Availability and Support SCI-PAK will be available from the
beginning of October, at the low price of £795.00.

September 2000

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