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DT Vision Foundry advances the Machine Vision Industry

Data Translation Ltd [NASDAQ: DATX] today announced the release of
DT Vision Foundry 2.5 (DT VF 2.5), a fully integrated, PC-based
machine vision solution designed for visual inspection and automated
industrial imaging applications.

With its proven easy-to-use point-and-click programming environment,
the enhanced DT Vision Foundry has seven new tools, additional frame
grabber support, new measurement and analysis capabilities, and
enhanced performance and streamlined tool interfaces.

The solution is ideally suited for Machine Vision OEMs, integrators, and
end users whose needs include high performance, speed, and accuracy
in measurement, calibration, advanced search functions, and bar
code reading.

The expanded version is the first solution of its kind to use advanced
algorithm technology to perform dynamic inspection without the need for
strict environment controls.  Intended for real-world manufacturing
settings, these algorithms reduce costly control requirements, such as
special lighting, part positioning, rotation, and variations in part
reflectivity. The end result is a cost-effective machine vision system that
sharply cuts programming time, reduces the need for specialised tooling, and
creates a more robust and accurate inspection system with fewer false

DT Vision Foundry¹s unique "multi-tier" architecture offers extraordinary
flexibility and versatility in that it can be used at three different
levels: (1) rapid program development (2) custom application development;
and (3) custom tool development.  This architecture allows both novices and
advanced programmers to use the system in the manner that best fits their
expertise and application requirements.

"DT Vision Foundry 2.5 not only responds to the growing demands of the
marketplace but equally important identifies new machine-vision
applications.  DT VF 2.5 demonstrates that Data Translation is a formidable
player in this $5 billion industry," said Fred Molinari, Data Translation¹s
founder, president, and CEO. "We are giving our customers the breakthrough
technology they need to perform challenging visual inspection, and we are
excited by the countless solutions DT VF offers."

DT VF 2.5 offers these distinguishing, new features:
Picture Tool ­ The new Picture Tool, based on Data Translation¹s DT-Active
Open Layers ActiveX® frame grabber control, now supports a wider range of
Data Translation¹s frame grabbers, including the DT3154 RGB colour PCI frame
grabber, as well as the DT3130 Series "Multi" frame grabber family. New
controls have been added for precise frame grabber set-up and operation
without programming.

Image Classifier Tool ­ This new tool allows objects within an image to be
classified by their features. This network-based tool is rotation invariant
and extremely fast, making it ideal for identifying parts where rapid
execution speed is required.

Contour Classifier Tool ­This new tool allows objects within an image to be
classified (located and identified) by their contours.  The tool is scale
invariant, rotation invariant (all planes), and position invariant, making
it ideal for identifying and sorting randomly placed parts.

In addition, DT VF 2.5 includes these enhancements:
Enhanced Point & Click Script Tool ­ New features include compound
conditional operations, an "assignment" function for performing arithmetic
operations on variables, and string variable enhancements. A new timer,
showing min, average, and max execution times per step, has also been added.
Ease-of-use enhancements include tab support, auto-scrolling, and enhanced
drag and drop editing.

Enhanced Search Tool ­ New features include algorithm speed optimisation,
enhanced search options, new colour-based search functions, as well as
sub-pixel measurement down to 1/50th of a pixel.

Enhanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Option ­ Enhancements include
speed optimisation, new ROI (region of interest) segmentation, and enhanced
catalogue editing functions.

Streamlined Tool Interfaces and Improved Performance ­ DT VF 2.5 user
interface is now enhanced and improved, making tools faster and easier to
use.  Numerous tools have been optimised for speed and increased

Pricing, Availability, Upgrade Policy, and Support
DT VF 2.5 is available immediately. Pricing is based on system configuration
with a typical system starting from £7500.00.  This includes the DTVF
development software, an industrial PC with monitor, a frame grabber,
Digital I/O, Camera and lens, and all communication.  Upgrades from version
2.0 are provided free of charge to existing customers. DT VF 2.5 operates on
Windows ® 98/2000 and NT® 4.0.

Free telephone support is available, as well as various on-site support
Special Offers
Data Translation offers a free feasibility study to determine the
application needs and requirements of a prospective or first-time user. A
free, fully functional 30-day evaluation copy of DT Vision Foundry is also

Academic users can purchase DT Vision Foundry for the discounted price of


October 2000

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