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Data Translation Improves PCI-Bus Board
with SCSI-3 Connector and Enhanced
Clock and Trigger Circuitry

Data Translation Ltd [NASDAQ: DATX] today released
its DT3010-268, a multifunction PCI-bus module
offering a standard off-the-shelf SCSI-3 connector.

Using a standard cable, users are now able to connect more
easily to the data acquisition board.  The DT3010-268 has all
the features and benefits of the popular DT3010, but instead of
having one (1) 68-pin and one (1) 50-pin connector, the new board
has two (2) standard 68-pin connectors. This connection scheme
gives OEMs and end users a more convenient way to design-in
Data Translation¹s data acquisition board products.

Additionally, the DT3010-268 adds a clock/trigger enable line
that provides more control and flexibility to the external a/d timing
circuitry.  This feature also allows users to repeat the function via
external hardware control.  The flexible triggering modes and trigger
events allow users to acquire data using post-trigger mode,
pre-trigger mode, or about-trigger mode.  The trigger event can be
a digital trigger, a dedicated analog trigger, or one of the analog
input channels.  Such capabilities enable users to focus on the
region of interest and eliminate unnecessary utilisation of the
CPU or system memory.

The board is ideal for applications requiring a few high-speed
inputs or a large number of medium-speed channels.  For example,
ultrasonic non-destructive testing and engine testing can take
advantage of the few channel/high input speed configurations.
Automotive crash testing and process monitoring can take advantage
of the many input channels at medium speeds.

Distinguishing features of DT3010-268 include
*    32 single-ended or 16-differential analog inputs
*    16 digital I/O channels
*    simultaneous analog input and analog output at full speed
*    ENOB specification guaranteeing outstanding total system accuracy
*    two dynamic digital outputs

Included free with the board is Data Translation¹s Omni CD, the
industry¹s most comprehensive software support bundle. The
package includes Quick DataAcq, a menu-driven, ready-to-run
application; DataAcq SDK, a software development kit; TestPoint,
an object-oriented, drag-and-drop software demo and run-time
application; Scope instrument menu-driven application; evaluation
versions of TestPoint and VEE Pro 6.0 with MATLAB® Script; and
32-bit Windows® 98, 2000, and ME device drivers.

"With the DT3010-268, we are improving the usability of the board,"
said Tim Ludy, Data Translation¹s Product Marketing Manager for
data acquisition.

"The enhanced DT3010-268 is an example of listening to the voice
of the customer. Although this may appear to be a relatively simple
improvement, the impact for our customers is tremendous."

Pricing, Availability, and Support
The DT3010-268 is available immediately at a cost of £1,695.00.
Data Translation provides complete technical support for all its products.
Support is also available 24x7 via Data Translation¹s website at

February 2001

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