Data Translation Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS
DT Measure Foundry 3.0, the newest version
of test and measurement application software.

Data Translation Ltd. [NASDAQ: DATX], a leader in the design,
manufacture and marketing of high-performance data acquisition,
imaging and machine vision products, today announced DT
Measure FoundryΠ3.0, the newest version of its flagship test
and measurement application software.

DT Measure Foundry¹s innovative drag-and-drop approach lets users
simply arrange the desired instrument functions on their desktops and
select the measurement source ­ no training is required. With today¹s
announcement, powerful functionality -- normally found in standalone
packages -- at a $249 price wipes out any barriers to entry in the test
and measurement market. This new version features a software
developer¹s kit, built-in math functionality and software that incorporates
OPC-compliant devices as DT Measure Foundry data sources on
the manufacturing floor. These new features, along with DT Measure
Foundry¹s graphical approach, make taking powerful PC-based
measurements easier and more affordable than ever.  

"Today¹s announcement leads the industry with robust functionality,
normally found in standalone packages, that lets users create
powerful, PC-based test and measurement applications," said
Fred Molinari, president, founder and CEO of Data Translation.
"Together with enhanced design and deployment features,
DT Measure Foundry 3.0 increases efficiency, reduces
time-to-market and provides greater performance." 

Powerful Built-In Math Functions
The new version of DT Measure Foundry includes the Formula
Evaluator, a library of more than 200 math functions, typically
found in higher priced standalone mathematical analysis packages.
The Formula Evaluator is a multifunctional tool that allows the
user to combine information from data and control channels
into one formula. Essentially its own language within DT Measure
Foundry, the Formula Evaluator performs up to 60 operations
from simple formulas to complicated analysis of signals. 

Bringing Test and Measurement to the Factory Floor
Data Translation is a member of the OPC Foundation
(, an independent, non-profit organization
comprised of more than 300 member companies providing
leading-edge industrial automation solutions worldwide.
OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a standard in the manufacturing
industry that allows access to OPC servers anywhere on the
network. DT Measure Foundry¹s OPC Tool lets users access
OPC hardware such as programmable logic controllers, distributed
control systems, etc. as data sources and easily create graphical
user interfaces in their DT Measure Foundry applications. 

Other new features, ideal for the manufacturing environment, are
the Hot Key function and the ability to use DT Measure Foundry
as the PC desktop. The Hot Key feature lets an OEM assign
standard keyboard keys to toggle between panels or to activate
functions in the DT Measure Foundry application with a single
keystroke. This feature is ideal for industrial applications in dirty,
hazardous environments where an end-user would rather use
a keystroke than a mouse. A DT Measure Foundry application
can also replace the Windows desktop, turning a standard PC
into an instrument. The PC can then only be used to run DT
Measure Foundry. Nothing else on it can be used or changed,
thereby providing more system security. 

Support for Third-Party Hardware Connections
The new DT Measure Foundry Software Developer¹s Kit (SDK)
is an open software interface specification that allows a user to
develop connections to any vendor¹s data sources for greater
flexibility and investment protection. 

Design to Deployment Simplicity
New features in DT Measure Foundry 3.0 make it easy to design
test and measurement applications and deploy them. DT Measure
Foundry¹s new Application Inspector feature makes it easier to
see what¹s happening in an application. Vital for complex projects,
the Application Inspector displays a tree-style overview of an
application showing the connections between its data sources,
control sources and events, and the data flow among them.
Design, development and debugging are made easy because
the relationships among the data sources are completely apparent. 

The Application Inspector can also be saved and printed in multiple
formats: text, Excel, ASCII file, bitmap as well as PDF. Set to
automatically create and save a PDF every time the application
is closed, the Inspector can create technical documentation to
assist with development. This documentation can also be used
to meet ISO requirements, as a training tool or problem-solving
guide for technical support.

In the unlikely event that an application does not execute properly
at run-time, DT Measure Foundry comes with a Debug Tool to
isolate any event-driven errors. Together with the Application
Inspector, the Debug Tool allows users to easily check the
performance of a DT Measure Foundry application.

In the previous version, DT Measure Foundry¹s Distribution
Wizard let users create and deploy unlimited run-times. In this
release, DT Measure Foundry¹s Enhanced Distribution Wizard
makes installation even simpler by generating one executable
file. That way, OEMs are assured of a complete application
with all necessary files, ready to be shipped to the user.

DTiX: Correlating Sensor and Vision Data 
One of the more strategic features of DT Measure Foundry is
its ability to access vision and sensor data into one measurement
application. The Data Translation Information Exchange (DTiXŒ)
allows users to share variable and image data between DT
Vision FoundryŒ, Data Translation¹s machine vision software,
with DT Measure Foundry.  Users can perform measurement
tasks that integrate sensor data with vision data and correlate
the results under a single user interface.

Availability, Pricing and System Requirements 
DT Measure Foundry 3.0 is available for immediate order with
delivery within 30 days and is priced at $249. The SDK is also
available to create third-party data sources. DT Measure
Foundry runs on Windows³ 2000 and XP. 

DT Measure Foundry includes an extensive library of application
examples and tutorials as well as online help. Data Translation
provides complete technical support for all its products. Support
is also available 24x7 via Data Translation¹s website at An animated demonstration of the
software is also available on the company website.

June 2002

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