Data Translation Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

High Accuracy Temperature Measurement Instruments.

Data Translation, a leading provider of data acquisition test and measurement solutions has recently announced TEMPpoint a series of high accuracy temperature measurement instruments.

Each instrument is a stand-alone box with 48 separate 24-bit resolution inputs, as well as a USB or Ethernet port for connecting to a PC. Each of the 48 channels has a dedicated 24-bit A/D converter and CJC circuit to ensure highest accuracy (+/- 0.01 %). Superior signal protection is ensured by 1000V channel-to-channel galvanic isolation.

The units feature the Anytime auto-calibration function and automatic linearization for B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T type thermocouples. TEMPpoint is available in four separate versions Thermocouple inputs for USE, RTD inputs for USE, Thermocouple inputs for Ethernet (LXI), and RTD inputs for Ethernet (LXI).

The instruments ship with a ready-to-measure comprehensive TEMPpoint application.

January 2008

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