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Easy-to-Use Oscilloscope and Chart Recorder Software for Current Windows Operating Systems.

Data Translation announces the introduction of DTScope, a free software application for their USB and PCI data acquisition hardware. Developed for the current Windows operating systems XP and Vista, DTScope provides the functionality and user interface of a "classical" multi-channel chart recorder/oscilloscope.

Users of DT data acquisition modules and boards from Data Translation can choose from four ready-to-run versions, which are available for download from the manufacturer's web site.

The application is easy and intuitive to use. Four ready-to-run solutions are available designed for different hardware/application areas, so that the system is up and running in minimum time. The DTScope application features the typical functionality of a 16-channel oscilloscope/chart recorder for long-term data acquisition and offers a wide range of triggering options.

All measurement data can be saved to disk continuously; the memory capacity is only limited by the size of the PC's hard drive. Users can scroll the live display any time during data acquisition and/or load the stored data later for post-analysis. The software provides all the necessary functions, including autoscaling, display of multiple signal axes, and various zoom and cursor functions. The stored data can also be exported to ASCII format for further processing using other applications, such as Excel.

A special DTScope version has been developed for the DT-9837 and DT-9837A USB modules with 24-bit IEPE/ICP inputs. This version provides additional features, e.g. FFT for sound and vibration measurements.

The software is available for download at

Data Translation also offers customization services and various additional options for the application.

June 2009

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