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High-accuracy measurements even in harsh industrial environments!

24-Bit Voltage or Temperature Measurement Instruments with ISO-Channel Technology

With the development of ISO-Channel, Data Translation has implemented a technology that meets the special requirements of data acquisition systems in harsh industrial environments. The ISO-Channel technology is integrated in the latest USB and Ethernet/LXI measurement instruments of the TEMPpoint and VOLTpoint series. It ensures reliable precision measurement of even low-level voltage or temperature signals, independent of ambient conditions and at an accuracy that is virtually unmatched at comparable cost.

External influences such as common mode noise or ground loops can create substantial problems for data acquisition systems used in industrial applications. Many production processes, for example, involve high power surges; which contribute noise on the signal lines and affect the accuracy of the measurement results.

To protect signal integrity, Data Translation has developed the proprietary ISO-Channel technology for its 24-bit measurement instruments. Even under exacting environmental conditions, the technology guarantees ultra-accurate, precision measurement of, for example, voltages up to 100V or temperatures via thermocouples or RTDs. A key feature of the ISO-Channel concept is that each input channel is galvanically isolated from the other channels by its own custom DC/DC converter and digital opto-couplers. This ensures complete channel-to-channel isolation of up to 1000V between any input channel to any other input channel and +/- 500V to earth ground. With the signal thus isolated from noise sources, the data acquisition systems reliably deliver high-accuracy measurements in the µV range with the 24-bit Sigma-Delta converters.

ISO-Channel is included with all TEMPpoint and VOLTpoint instruments with USB or Ethernet/LXI connection. The instruments provide up to 48 galvanically isolated analog input channels, eight opto-isolated digital inputs and eight opto-isolated digital outputs to drive relays directly, for example. The units also feature a ready-to-measure software application that allows recording, viewing, analyzing, saving and exporting up to 48 signals - without writing any code. A wide choice of additional software tools and drivers is available, including IVI-COM drivers, .NET class libraries and software development kits.

July 2009

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