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Flexible Configurable Precision Measurement Instruments for Voltage, Temperature or Current.

Following the introduction of the TEMPpoint and VOLTpoint instrument series, Data Translation has launched a new family of measurement instruments that combine the features of the two series into a single solution. The MEASURpoint systems are available with up to 48 simultaneously acquired channels and with USB or Ethernet/LXI interfaces.

They support the use of any combination of Data Translation's 8-channel data acquisition boards for measuring voltage, thermocouple, RTD or current inputs. The 24-bit A/D resolution and ISO-Channel technology ensure ultra-accurate measurements even in harsh industrial environments.

The new MEASURpoint instruments reliably acquire precision measurement data from a wide variety of different sources. The high accuracy is achieved by Data Translation's proprietary ISO-Channel technology, which eliminates common mode noise and ground loop problems, and the use of a separate 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D per channel. Each input channel is galvanically isolated from the other channels by its own custom DC/DC converter and digital opto-couplers. This ensures complete channel-to-channel isolation of up to 1000V between input channels and +/- 500V isolation to earth ground.

MEASURpoint is available as a USB or Ethernet/LXI instrument providing 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 channels. Stand-alone or networked configurations simplify an extensive range of measurement applications including Li-ion and fuel cell battery assessment, hybrid vehicle battery performance and thermal battery management. The instrument can be supplied with data acquisition boards for connecting thermocouple inputs, four-wire RTDs, voltages up to +/- 400 V or currents of +/- 20 mA. Independently of the selected boards, every MEASURpoint instrument features eight opto-isolated digital inputs and eight opto-isolated digital outputs to drive relays directly, for example. The instruments may be used free-standing or 19" rack mounted.

The units also come with a ready-to-measure software application that allows recording, viewing, analyzing, saving and exporting up to 48 signals - without writing any code. A wide choice of additional software tools and drivers are available, including IVI-COM drivers, .NET class libraries and software development kits.

August 2009

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