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Low Cost USB Data Acquisition Module with
Six High-Speed Simultaneously Sampled Analog Inputs

Data Translation announces the release of a 16-bit data acquisition module featuring six analog inputs with 6 x 800 kHz throughput rate, and 16 digital I/Os. With the addition of the new DT-9816-S model, Data Translation's ECONseries offers a comprehensive range of USB modules for high-speed, high-accuracy measurements at an excellent price/performance ratio. The DT-9816-S is ready to measure right out of the box, using the supplied software application with many standard measurement functions.

Like all models of the ECONseries, the new data acquisition module boasts a compact design barely larger than a standard postcard. The module is completely USB powered so that no external power supply is needed.

The DT-9816-S features six simultaneously acquired analog inputs with a dedicated 16-bit A/D converter per channel, allowing a per-channel sampling rate of 800 kHz and an overall sampling rate of 4.8 MHz. The input voltage range is software-programmable for +/- 5 V or +/- 10 V. Despite the low cost, the measurement solution comes complete with eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and a multifunction counter/timer that can be used e.g. for frequency measurements or pulse generation. Screw terminals on the module allow quick and easy signal connections.

A software application, which is included with the USB module, provides an intuitive user interface with the familiar look and feel of many standard measurement instruments (e.g. oscilloscopes, chart recorders, voltmeters, signal generators, etc.). The package also comprises all Win32 or .NET drivers required for developing custom applications. Use of standard software such as MATLAB, DASYLab or LabVIEW is also supported.

When faced up with other measurement tasks, users can add the appropriate modules from the wide range of ECONseries products, including e.g. digital I/O modules with 28 channels, 8-channel analog data acquisition modules with 20 digital I/Os, and multifunction modules with high-speed hardware-synchronized analog outputs.


September 2009

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