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High-Speed Data Acquisition Module with USB 2.0 Port and Six 800 kHz Analog Inputs

Data Translation announces the DT9836-S, a new USB module with six analog inputs for high-speed data acquisition. Each analog input has its own separate 16-bit A/D converter to ensure maximum signal integrity. The DT9836-S achieves a synchronous sampling rate of up to 800 kHz per channel and an overall sampling rate of 4.8 MHz. A wide range of additional analog and digital I/O functions allow universal application.

Designed for optimum measurement accuracy, the new USB data acquisition module achieves an ENOB (Effective Number of Bits) rating of 14.4 bits. By providing a separate A/D converter for each analog input, the DT9836-S reliably eliminates the phase shift between signals inherent in multiplexed systems.

In addition to the six analog inputs, the data acquisition module features two optional analog outputs (500 kHz), 32 digital I/O channels and two counters/timers (32-bit), which can also be used as tachometer inputs. Another key feature of the USB module are the three quadrature decoders which may be used for determining X/Y/Z position distance, velocity and angular rotation. All input and output channels can be run simultaneously and synchronously, and are galvanically isolated from the USB 2.0 port.

The module is available either installed in a BNC connection box or as a board-level OEM version for installation in custom applications. The package also contains the latest OmniCD with 32 and 64-Bit Windows drivers and many useful software applications for developers and end users. Included on the CD are ActiveX components, drivers for LabVIEW, an interface for direct connection to the MATLAB analysis software, and much more.

August 2010

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