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Easy-to-Use Software Application for Sound and Vibration Measurement

Data Translation announces VIBpoint Framework Application software support for their sound and vibration measurement instruments. Built around the functionality of the DT8837 and DT9837 series of Ethernet and USB modules, the application allows easy control of all features, configurations, displays and analyses, including FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) modes.

The DT8837 and DT9837 series of precision measurement products feature rugged USB and Ethernet modules for sound, vibration and sonar applications. All modules provide four 24-bit analog inputs with software-programmable IEPE sensor functions and sampling rates up to 52.7 or 105.4 kHz per channel, depending on the model. A tachometer input (31 bit) allows measuring rotational speeds and high-resolution measurements between the tachometer input and the A/D samples.

The VIBpoint Framework Application is built around the functionality of the sound and vibration measurement hardware. It allows the acquisition of synchronous data from multiple modules and all hardware features to be configured and saved. The display and the FFT parameters can be configured separately for each channel, including power/magnitude, spectrum analysis, integration, RMS/peak, dB/linear, and different FFT averaging modes. The data can be displayed in real-time, reviewed using the chart and digital overview features, then saved to disk, processed and analyzed in Excel, saved as graphics, and copied to Word.


October 2010

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