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Software Spectrum Analyzer for Modal Analysis

Data Translation announces the release of the VIBpoint Framework Application V2.0. The new version of the high-performance software spectrum analyzer allows vibration data acquisition and analysis in real-time and provides powerful single-channel and two-channel FFT functionality, that can be used in a wide variety of impact testing and modal analysis applications. The VIBpoint Framework Application, combined with Ethernet and USB data acquisition modules from Data Translation, is designed to replace more expensive FFT analyzer instruments at a much lower price.

VIBpoint Framework provides continuous and re-triggered data acquisition from up to 16 channels. The acquired vibration data is recorded to disk and analyzed using a wide range of functions, including spectrum analysis with one or two signals. The single-channel functions support operations such as Power Spectral Density and Auto Spectrum. The two-channel FFT operations include FRF (Frequency Response Functions) with H1, H2 and H3 estimator types, Cross Spectrum, and Coherence.

The new software version also provides flexible windowing and averaging options. In addition, the processed data can be displayed as an Amplitude, Phase or Nyquist plot.

The VIBpoint Framework Application is designed for use with the DT8837 and DT9837 series data acquisition modules. These modules are available with USB or Ethernet interface and provide 24-bit analog inputs with software-programmable IEPE sensor functions. They allow the acquisition of synchronous data from multiple modules and all hardware features to be configured and saved. The display and the FFT parameters of each channel can be individually changed and re-calculated post-acquisition.

A free, 14-day trial version is available for download at under "Test and Measurement Software". Sample data files, included with the application, allow testing of the individual software functions without hardware.


February 2011

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