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Low Cost 12 Bit USB Data Acquisition Modules with Analog and Digital I/Os

Data Translation announces the DT 9812-10V, 9813-10V and 9814-10V multifunction data acquisition modules for the USB 2.0 bus. With its ultra-compact design, this low-budget solution is perfect for mobile applications. The instruments provide 8, 16 or 24 analog inputs (12 bit), two high-speed analog outputs, and a counter/timer for frequency measurement and continuous pulse output operations. An 8-bit or 16-bit digital I/O port is also included, depending on the model.

The input voltage range is -10V to +10V with programmable gain 1, 2, 4, 8; a high input impedance of 10 MOhm ensures excellent measurement accuracy. The analog inputs and outputs can be operated independently at sampling rates up to 50 kHz per channel. The compact modules are only about 11 x 10 cm in size and run entirely on USB power. Screw terminals on the modules allow quick and easy connection of the signals to be measured.

The USB modules come with free oscilloscope and chart recorder software, allowing users to display the acquired data in real time and save it to disk.

DT Open Layers drivers for Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit) are also included. Sample programs with source code make it easy to create custom applications in .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ or Visual J#. In addition, the software package comprises an ActiveX component and "virtual instruments" for LabView.

The low cost USB data acquisition modules are also available as board-level versions. Designed particularly for OEMs, they allow expanding custom solutions by powerful measurement functionality.

March 2011

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