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New USB Data Acquisition Module combines many Inputs with High Resolution and Galvanic Isolation

Data Translation announces the release of a new USB simultaneous data acquisition module with 16 analog inputs for portable high-precision measurements. The DT9826 module provides a high channel density with 24-bit resolution combined with galvanic isolation and USB power supply. Each analog input features its own Sigma-Delta A/D converter, supporting sampling rates up to 41.6 kHz per channel. A wide range of digital I/O functions allow flexible use in a wide range of applications.

In addition to the 16 analog inputs, the USB data acquisition module provides eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and two counter/timers. An additional tachometer input can measure rotational speeds and also be used for phase measurements between the tachometer input and the A/D samples, achieving a resolution of 82 ns (0.005 degrees) at up to 10,000 rpm.

The 16 analog, 8 digital and 2 counter input channels are galvanically isolated to protect the computer; they can be run simultaneously and synchronously at 41.6 kHz. The comprehensive set of features also includes integrated anti-aliasing filters and software programmable trigger functions. The module comes in two versions - as a rugged metal BNC connection box and as an OEM embedded board-level version for easy integration into custom applications. Despite its extensive functionality, the DT9826 runs entirely on USB power so that no external power supply is needed.

Like all Data Translation devices, the USB data acquisition module ships with a comprehensive software package featuring, for example, DT Open Layers drivers for Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 Bit and 64 Bit). Sample programs with source code are also included to allow easy development of custom applications in .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ or Visual J#. In addition, the software package comprises an ActiveX component and "virtual instruments" for LabVIEW™.


April 2011

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