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High-Resolution USB Data Acquisition Module for Audio and Acoustic Testing

Data Translation announces the release of a new high-performance data acquisition module for sound and vibration analysis. The DT9837C features 24-bit resolution and is designed specifically for audio testing and acoustic measurement applications. For easy portability, the compact module is USB powered. The new DT9837C provides four 24-bit A/D inputs with software-programmable IEPE sensor functions, anti-aliasing filters, and
an analog 24-bit output for generating signals with a maximum sampling frequency of 96 kHz.

The four analog inputs are each provided with a 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D converter for ultra-accurate, low-noise measurements. The 2 mA current source for the IEPE/ICP sensor, AC or DC coupling and gains of 1 and 10 are all individually programmable per channel. The module is available as a board-level OEM version or installed in a compact metal connection box with mini-XLR or BNC connectors.

A synchronization connector is included for connecting and synchronizing up to
four modules. This allows implementing a powerful USB data acquisition system with 16 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs for sound and vibration measurement applications - with no external power supply required.

The new USB data acquisition module ships with a comprehensive software package that is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista. The package comprises a wide choice of useful tools and 32/64 bit drivers for SDK, .NET, LabVIEW and Matlab.
In addition, the VIBpoint Framework from Data Translation offers a software spectrum analyzer that has been build around the functionality of the DT9837 Series modules. The software allows the real-time acquisition and analysis of vibration data and provides powerful single-channel and two-channel FFT functionality. This combination of hardware and software is designed to replace more expensive FFT analyzer instruments at a much lower price.


June 2011

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