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Two-Channel USB Data Acquisition Module for Precise and Accurate Under-Sampling

Data Translation has announced the release of the DT9862S, the newest addition to their growing series of high-speed simultaneous USB data acquisition modules.

The DT9862S offers sampling rates of up to 10 MHz and a bandwidth of 300 MHz with crystal controlled sampling for low jitter, precise applications. This makes the module ideal for RF communication applications such as sonar and satellite surveillance and other areas where under-sampling is required for high-quality measurements. An external clock input enables the user to lock the under-sampling to a multiple of the signal under test.

The USB module provides two simultaneous analog inputs, each with a dedicated 16-bit A/D converter and an input range of ±1.25 V. The maximum sampling rate in streaming mode is 10 MHz for one channel or 7 MHz for two channels. The bandwidth of 300 MHz allows for precise and accurate under-sampling of periodic signals up to this frequency.

In addition, the data acquisition module features 32 digital input/output lines, two counter/timers (32-bit), and three quadrature decoders. The analog inputs and the DIO lines can be run simultaneously and synchronously, and are galvanically isolated from the USB 2.0 port up to ±500 V.

The module is available installed in a compact metal connection box with SMA connectors and ships with a comprehensive software package that is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista. The package comprises a comprehensive range of software development and integration tools, including 32/64 bit drivers for .NET, LabVIEW and MATLAB.


May 2012

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