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Signal generation with ultra-low distortion!

New USB Data Acquisition Modules with 108 kHz Bandwidth and 123 dB Dynamic Range for Audio, Acoustic and Vibration Analysis

Data Translation announces the release of the new DT9847 series of multifunction USB data acquisition modules for high-precision measurements in audio and acoustic applications. The modules provide up to three 24-bit analog inputs, and up to two analog outputs with a 32-bit D/A converter per channel, depending on the model. This allows the generation of high-accuracy nominal or reference signals with an ultra-low total harmonic distortion (THD) of 102 dB. In conjunction with the high bandwidth of 108 kHz and the wide dynamic range of 123 dB for the inputs, these features combine into a versatile high-precision data acquisition module that is the ideal solution for the development and quality inspection of audio or acoustic components as well as for vibration analysis.

The sampling rate of the analog inputs is up to 216 kHz per channel. A 4 mA current source for the IEPE/ICP sensor, AC or DC coupling and gains of 1 and 10 are all individually programmable per channel. Output signals with a voltage level of ±3 V can also be generated at an output rate of up to 216 kHz. In addition, the DT9847 modules provide eight digital I/O channels. All inputs and outputs can be run simultaneously.

The modules are powered by USB or a 5-24 VDC external power supply, depending on the model. A Sync Bus (RJ45) connector allows connecting and synchronizing up to four modules to create a powerful measurement system for audio, acoustic or vibration analysis, with up to 12 analog inputs and up to eight 32-bit signal outputs.

The new USB data acquisition modules ship with a comprehensive software package that is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista. The package comprises a wide range of useful tools as well as 32/64 bit drivers for the SDK, .NET, LabVIEW and MATLAB. In addition, Data Translation's VIBpoint Framework offers a software spectrum analyzer that has been built around the functionality of all sound and vibration data acquisition modules from Data Translation.


November 2012

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