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Easy-to-Use Bridge-Based Measurement Module for Easy Portability

High-accuracy measurements using bridge-based assemblies, such as load cells, torque sensors or pressure sensors, are often difficult to configure - even more so in portable applications.

With the DT9838, Data Translation offers an easy, effective solution for these measurement tasks. The rugged USB data acquisition module provides four direct sensor connections with integrated, separately programmable bridge excitation. The module runs entirely on USB power so that no external power supply is needed. Using the included QuickDAQ data logger software, the sensors are very easy to configure.

Featuring four separate 24-bit A/D converters with integrated anti-aliasing filters and a high simultaneous sampling rate of up to 52 kS/s per channel, the module is ideal for high-accuracy measurements using dynamic sensors. RJ50 connectors and optional screw terminal adapters are provided for sensor connection. The data acquisition module supports full-, half- and quarter-bridge strain gage configurations with programmable bridge excitation up to 10 V and TEDS (IEEE 1451.4) Class II sensors. Sensor scaling and offset null can be performed in software.

For each input channel a 100 kO shunt calibration resistor can be activated by software. The DT9838 also includes a tachometer input that can be synchronized with the analog data stream. A sync bus connector is provided for synchronizing data acquisition on up to four modules, supporting the implementation of a high-performance USB measurement system with 16 sensor inputs for portable applications.

The data acquisition module ships with a comprehensive software package that is compatible with the standard Windows operating systems and includes the QuickDAQ data acquisition and logging software. This Windows application is perfectly matched to the DT9838 features and can be extended by optional FFT functionality to create a powerful frequency analyzer.


November 2013

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