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USB Data Acquisition Module with 32 Analog Inputs, 1 MHz Sampling Rate and 20-Bit A/D Converter

Data Translation announces the release of a new USB data acquisition module with 32 analog inputs, a 1 MHz A/D converter and 20-bit A/D resolution. The DT9844 is designed to provide high throughput and high accuracy for a large number of channels. Even at the maximum overall sampling rate of 640 kHz, the new module achieves an outstanding system accuracy and minimizes noise and crosstalk. In addition to the 32SE or 16DI analog inputs, the new module also features 32 digital I/O channels and five counter/timers.

The high accuracy of the new module is achieved by a wide analog bandwidth of the input subsystem, a high-speed multiplexer and a powerful A/D converter. The new ±500V tri-sectional galvanic isolation between the analog inputs, the digital I/O channels and the USB interface ensures ultra-accurate measurements.

All analog channels can be run simultaneously and synchronously with the digital I/O channels. The digital outputs can also be used for synchronizing external devices. In addition, the DT9844 provides flexible trigger functions with pre- and post-triggers and an external clock input.

The new USB data acquisition module is available as a rugged STP connection box and as an OEM embedded version.

The included QuickDAQ measurement software offers a complete, ready-to-measure data acquisition solution. QuickDAQ provides data acquisition, display and logging functionality and allows the export of data to Excel for more advanced analysis. The module also ships with a comprehensive software package comprising 32/64-bit drivers for the standard Windows operating systems and a wide range of software tools, such as interfaces for LabVIEW, MATLAB and .NET.


May 2014

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