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USB Data Acquisition Series with Dedicated 24-Bit A/D Converters and Galvanic Isolation

With the DT9826 series, Data Translation offers a USB data acquisition series that features a 24-bit A/D resolution and a high measurement accuracy along with all the advantages of a dedicated A/D converter for each channel as well as galvanic isolation.

The modules are available with 4, 8 or 16 analog inputs, each providing sampling rates of up to 41.6 kHz. In combination with the 16 digital I/O channels, two counter/timers and a tachometer input as well as the included QuickDAQ ready-to-measure application software, the series supports a wide variety of portable high-precision measurement applications.

The analog inputs, the digital I/O channels and the two counter inputs
are galvanically isolated (±500 V) to protect the computer, and can be run simultaneously and synchronously. This allows the acquisition of analog and digital I/O signals from all subsystems at once, even at the full sampling rate. The additional tachometer input can measure rotational speeds and also be used for high-resolution phase measurements between the tachometer input and the A/D samples.

Other key features include anti-aliasing filters and software programmable trigger functions. No external power supply is needed to operate the USB modules of the DT9826 series, which are available as a rugged BNC connection box or as a board-level OEM version for easy integration of the data acquisition hardware into custom systems.

All USB modules ship with the QuickDAQ measurement software as well as 32/64 bit drivers for the standard Windows operating systems and a comprehensive range of software tools, such as interfaces for LabVIEW, MATLAB and .NET.


July 2014

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