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Upgrades for QuickDAQ!

From Data Logging Software to Real-Time Vibration Analysis System

Data Translation is offering two options for its QuickDAQ data logging software, extending the base version by powerful measurement and analysis capabilities for sound, vibration and other applications. Combined with Data Translation's USB and Ethernet data acquisition modules, QuickDAQ allows the continuous and triggered acquisition of measurement data, including spectrum analyses and modal analyses - both in real time and offline. A wide range of calculating and plotting functions are available for performing FFT analyses on one or two channels.

The functionality for single-channel FFT analyses includes the calculation of Spectrum, AutoSpectrum and Power Spectral Density (PSD). For two-channel FFT operations, the application features powerful additional functions, such as Frequency Response, Cross-Spectrum and Coherence, providing flexible windowing and averaging options (Hamming, Hanning, Blackman, Bartlett, etc.). The software automatically calculates dynamic performance statistics, including Input Below Full Scale (IBF), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR).

QuickDAQ supports more than 150 Data Translation USB and Ethernet data acquisition modules and is compatible with all current Windows operating systems. The base version is free-of-charge and included with the hardware. It provides easy-to-use data acquisition, display and logging functionality and allows the export of data to Excel for more advanced analysis.

Two options are available to extend the functionality of the base version: "FFT Analysis" and "Advanced FFT Analysis" both require a license and provide powerful additional measurement and analysis capabilities. Combined with Data Translation's 24-bit vibration data acquisition hardware, QuickDAQ allows the easy implementation of high-performance measurement systems for sound, vibration and other applications. Multiple modules can be run simultaneously and synchronously, supporting solutions with up to 64 channels.


November 2014

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