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VIBbox: Simultaneous data acquisition from 64 channels at over 100 kHz/channel!

Portable USB Measurement System with 64 IEPE/ICP Inputs and Eight Analog Outputs

Data Translation announces the release of the new VIBbox, a complete and portable solution for sophisticated test and measurement tasks with high channel count. With 64 IEPE/ICP sensor inputs, eight analog outputs and four tachometer inputs as well as a multitude of digital I/O channels and counter/timers, the USB measurement system is ideal for acoustic and vibration analysis applications. The VIBbox ships with the QuickDAQ Advanced FFT Analysis application, which provides powerful ready-to-measure functionality such as continuous and triggered acquisition of measurement data, including spectrum analysis and modal analysis - both in real time and offline.

Each of the 64 analog inputs of the VIBbox is equipped with a separate 24-bit A/D converter, allowing high-accuracy data acquisition at a sampling rate of up to 105.4 kHz per channel. The current source for the IEPE/ICP sensor, AC or DC coupling and voltage input ranges of ±10 V or ±1 V are all individually programmable for each input.

Eight analog outputs (32-bit, 216 kHz) provide a high-precision signal source for any waveform; for example, very low distortion (THD) sine waves and superimposed noise signals can be generated. The system also features four tachometer inputs, various counter/timers and 64 digital I/O channels. All analog and digital inputs and outputs can be run simultaneously and synchronously.

In addition to the QuickDAQ data logging software with Advanced FFT analysis application, the VIBbox system also includes 32/64-bit drivers for the standard Windows operating systems (Windows7/8/8.1) and a wide range of software tools and interfaces, e.g. for LabVIEW, MATLAB and .NET.


May 2015

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