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Supports the latest data acquisition modules from Data Translation!

Data Translation announces the release of a new driver for the DIAdem measurement software. The driver supports both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of DIAdem 2015 in conjunction with Data Translation's current data acquisition hardware and its range of features.

This includes USB modules for direct sensor connect like the DT9828 high-precision temperature data acquisition modules and the extensive range of devices for sound and vibration measurements, such as the DT9837 series and the DT9857E with 4 to 256 measurement channels.

The DIAdem software application is an easy-to-use tool for loading, displaying, analysing and reporting measurement data and simulation data. With its optimised performance in 64-bit mode, DIAdem 2015 allows the efficient handling and analysis even of large data volumes and offers a wide range of new features.

The new driver supports all analog inputs and outputs of Data Translation's data acquisition modules with up to 24-bit and 32-bit resolution. If provided by the hardware, settings such as the thermocouple type, IEPE sensor support, AC/DC coupling and input range can be activated and configured in DIAdem, separately for each channel. The driver also supports the synchronous acquisition of digital signals, including the inputs of tachometers, counters and incremental encoders. In addition, multiple devices can be precisely synchronised through the Sync Bus of the Data Translation modules.


November 2015

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