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Torque Transducer Measuring 200,000Nm.

Datum Electronics undertook the project for Our customer “MacTaggart Scott & Co Ltd “ to provide a torque sensor capable of measuring up to 200,000Nm for Hydraulic Testing.

Utilizing and building upon expertise and technology already developed by Datum Electronics in our standard range of torque transducers, one of the main challenges was “How to assemble such a large torque sensor”. The shaft element “spacer” was specified by Datum Electronics according to the customer requirement, and then machined and issued by MacTaggart Scott & Co Ltd for assembly of the Torque transducer.

The torque sensing electronics equipment required was engineered and designed by Datum Electronics Ltd. Fitted to the shaft, it provided a valuable solution giving the actual torque data for MacTaggart Scott & Co Ltd. The transducer also has an in-built speed sensor which provides a calculated measurement of power also.

The transducer was designed and based upon proven concepts and processes already utilized in our standard RS420 and FF420 series torque ranges. These systems output torque data with completely separate rotor and stator assemblies without the need for bearings.

This greatly reduces costs associated with maintenance, and also reduces the transducer weight, improving on accuracy including the overall weight impacting upon the shaft element. Our expertise in assessing this project and looking at it some depth, means we now have the ability to increase our torque measuring capabilities above and beyond the 200kNm mark and in fact we now have the ability to measure 500kNm and beyond.

The only real restriction is the physical size and handling of the shaft elements of similar proportions and size.

Datum Electronics would like to thank MacTaggart Scott & Co. Ltd., suppliers of High Torque Low Speed Hydraulic Motors, for their co-operation and assistance in contributing to the successful completion of this project.

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Datum Electronics is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of torque & shaft power measurement devices, namely torque sensors, torque transducers, marine shaft power meters, bolt-on strain sensors, and wind turbine monitoring systems.

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February 2008

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