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Drive Trains - Analysis & Control with Datum Electronics Torque Sensor.

Datum Electronics in partnership with George Kingsbury engineering, have been included within a US Patent award for a system which will monitor, analyse, and help understand how Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) affects all manner of drive train systems.

RS420 Torque Sensor
The Datum Electronics Torque sensor has been developed to give a much more accurate way of capturing the data required, than other technologies currently employed such as Acoustic monitoring, accelerometers, and laser techniques. Our technology development has proven to outperform all of these by a long way with high quality, reliable data delivery.

High Data Sampling
Datum Electronics can now provide transducers able to measure at up to 90,000 samples a second. This effectively means that the torque signal can be deeply analysed, and reveal a wealth of previously unavailable information about the system under test. Also by utilising a torque transducer, it makes it possible to get as close as possible to the source data without interference from other drive line components.

More than just average torque measurement
Datum Electronics systems and torque sensors can now provide a lot more than our competitors who mostly only provide just simple average torque. Married together with our powerful signal processing and interfacing technology, it is now even possible to analyse individual component performance and condition, even so far as being able to detect wear of gearbox components down to actual teeth within it.

About Datum Electronics
Datum Electronics is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of torque & shaft power measurement devices, namely torque sensors, torque transducers, marine shaft power meters, bolt-on strain sensors, and wind turbine monitoring systems.

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April 2008

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