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Torque Transducers M420 SIZE 5 0-20,000Nm (20KNm).

Datum Electronics have continued to develop their highly successful range of Torque Transducers with the addition of a higher torque model, the Size 5.

The standard Datum Electronics M420 Rotary Torque Transducer range has been extended to include the new Size 5 is available as either a 15,000Nm or a 20,000Nm transducer.

Based on the highly successful industry standard M420 series, key features and include, highly stable contactless digital data transmission (RS485 or RS232), simple plug and play into TorquelogTM software utility to display shaft torque, rpm and power and a wide range of analogue output options

The M420 is a conventional torque transducers and sensors with rotary shaft and static body. This complete packaged torque sensor transmits the torque signal from the rotating shaft within the torque transducer body. The static element of the torque sensor is mounted to the rotary shaft with bearings. The M420 transducers are now in service in over 52 countries worldwide.

Ideal for applications that require a self contained sensor to be mounted in line with the driven torque ranging from automotive test rigs to process plant.

The M420 is a part of the wider range of torque measurement solutions from Datum Electronics that includes transducer ranges up to 1MNm.

July 2009

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